「奈良公園のシカ」かわいい小鹿・赤ちゃん鹿公開!2019年6月 撮影


特別公開 「子鹿公開 ~赤ちゃん鹿 大集合!」2019.6



Every year, about 220 fawns are born in Nara Park. At Rokuen, a Kasuga Taisha Shrine precinct in Nara Park, an event is held every June in which you can see fawns and baby deer. Introducing cute deer babies from “Rokuen”.


– 目次 –

鹿苑(ろくえん)とは? 奈良公園にどのくらいの鹿さんがいるの?



What is Rokuen? How many deers are there in Nara Park?
Currently, about 1200 deer live in Nara Park. All deer are wild, and when the baby deer is born (mid-May-July), the mother’s deer is protected by “Rokuen” by the “Nara Deer Guard Society” to prevent troubles between the deer and people. I will. Therefore, in June, during the month of Deer Protection Month, an event is held to visit some protected mothers and fawns.






How is a deer in Nara different from deer in other areas?
Speaking of Nara Park, it is famous for the large number of deer, but there is also the Kasuga Taisha Shrine in a part of the vast site. The deity of Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Takemika Tsuchinomikoto, is said to have landed in Nara on the Shinroku, so deer have long been worshiped as messenger of God.

Even today, the deer living in the mountains and around Nara Park in Nara are designated as a natural monument under the name “Nara deer” and are valued by people.





Do deer in Nara eat only deer rice crackers?

The deer’s food “Deer Senbei” sold at Nara Park is a deer’s snack. Since deer are wild animals, they find food for themselves. Plants such as grass, Japanese pampas grass, grass, and Cyperaceae are used as food.


びっくり! かわいい赤ちゃん鹿は、生まれてすぐに歩く!?



I’m surprised! A cute baby deer walks right after its birth !?

It’s about 3,000 grams newborn, but stands up and drinks the milk of the mother deer. In addition, there is a habit of spending two to three weeks after birth hiding in the grass.


かわいくて赤ちゃん鹿! 鹿苑の癒される風景写真

奈良の赤ちゃん鹿 寝てる小鹿の写真




The picture above is the landscape of Rokuon. Many baby deers on the grass. I was basically asleep, but I sometimes get up and am awkward. It was a cute and healing scene.

Although it was early summer, it was cloudy so the temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius. It was a comfortable and cool day, but the deers chose the shade of the tree and snuggled up to each other.


かわいい赤ちゃん鹿 小鹿の写真



The unique white polka dot pattern on the back of the baby deer is also cute. It is said that the fawn is also called the Kanoko, and it is also the origin of the names of “Kanoko pattern (Japanese pattern)” and “Kurikanoko (Japanese confectionery)”.

奈良の赤ちゃん鹿 癒しの写真






The picture above shows a baby deer in the wood. Would it be calm if you slept inside, came out, or had an enclosure around it? It was cute


The deer’s baby’s croaking noise was a bird-like high-pitched sound. I was a little surprised at the unexpected cry that I can’t think of as a deer.


奈良の赤ちゃん鹿 小鹿たくさんの写真

上の写真は、鹿さん達みんなびっくり!立ち上がっています。実はこの時、係員さんが大量に「どんぐり」を巻いたので、それに反応して寝てた鹿さんも全員いっせいに飛び起きました。見ていた私も一瞬何が起きたか分からずびっくり! ちょっ不思議な光景でした。




The above picture is amazing for all the deers! Standing up Actually, at this time, the staff member rolled a large amount of “acorn”, and in response, all the deer who slept jumped up. I was surprised to see what happened for a moment! It was a strange sight.


Suzyya, Utoto, cute Bambi-chans that I want to see all the time. It was a wonderful spot to be healed.




※ 余談ですが、上の写真1枚だけは「NikonD810」の一眼レフカメラで撮影しました。レンズは200mmの望遠レンズで撮影しましたが、それでも遠かったです。普段使っているカメラは、sonyのミラーレス一眼レフなので、重さは約300g。D810のカメラ+レンズは、約2kgだったので数分で撮っているのが大変なくらい重く感じでしまいました。普段から一眼レフカメラで撮影している方って凄いと思います!









  • 公園内で鹿の赤ちゃんを見つけたら、鹿の赤ちゃんに触らないで、そっと見守ってください。人の匂いがついてお母さん鹿がお乳を与えなくなることがあります。
  • お母さん鹿は母性本能が強く、人が赤ちゃん鹿に近づいたりするだけで攻撃してくることがありますので、注意してください。
  • 鹿が誤ってゴミを食べてしまいますので、ゴミは必ず持ち帰りましょう。


赤ちゃん鹿 イベント 詳細情報

  • 【イベント】:特別公開 子鹿公開 赤ちゃん鹿大集合!
  • 【会場】:春日大社境内 鹿苑(ろくえん)
  • 【期間】:6月1日(土)~6月30日(日)


  • 【住所】:〒630-8212 奈良県奈良市春日野町
  • 【アクセス】:JR・近鉄奈良駅から市内循環バスで約5分、春日大社表参道下車、徒歩 約7分
  • 【お問合せ先】:0742-22-2388(奈良の鹿愛護会)

※ 子鹿の体調等の理由で予告なく中止になる場合があります。お出かけの際は、事前に最新情報をご確認ください。



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