In Inabu-cho, Toyota City, you can see a rare colony of “Okitsuneno Razor” from mid-August to late August!

This time, I would like to introduce the scenery in which the “foxtail razor” blooms.


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What kind of flower is a fox razor?

The Great Fox Razor is an orange flower of the Limaceae family. In Aichi Prefecture, it grows in the zelkova forests of Mt. By mid-August, the flowers are in full bloom, and it looks like an orange carpet.




オオキツネノカミソリは、彼岸花(ヒガンバナ)のように葉っぱがなく直立した茎に花がついています。群生することが多くいので、開花時には圧巻の光景になる お花です。


※ オオキツネノカミソリは元々葉っぱがない訳ではなく、成長途中ではあります。初春に葉を出して栄養を作り、十分に栄養を球根に溜めた頃になると葉っぱが落ちて、茎が伸び花を咲かせます。葉っぱが落ちてから茎が出るので、地面から茎が伸びているような不思議な光景に見えます。

※ オオキツネノカイソリも彼岸花と同様に毒があります。



What are the characteristics of the Great Fox Razor?

Like the cluster amaryllis, the foxtail razor has flowers on its upright stems without leaves. It is a flower that is a sight to see when it blooms, because it often grows in groups.


* The fox razor is not originally free from leaves, but is still growing. Leaves are released in the early spring to make nutrition, and when the nutrients are fully stored in the bulbs, the leaves fall and the stems grow and bloom. Since the stems come out after the leaves have fallen, it looks like a strange sight as if the stems were extending from the ground.

* Oki Tsuenenokasori is poisonous as well as cluster amaryllis.








Where did the name for the fox razor come from?

The name “Okitsu no razor” has a great impact. In Kanji, it is written as “fox razor”.


The name seems to come from the fact that the elongated leaves looked like a razor. There seem to be various reasons why “fox” is attached, but there is a theory that “foxtail razor” seems to have been transformed into a fox because the flower blooms without leaves. The shade of orange is also like a fox.





なんと、花言葉は「妖艶」! 意外に普通でした。むしろ素敵な言葉で安心しました。妖艶とは人の心を惑わすような美しさを表す言葉だと思うので、昔の人はキツネノカミソリにそんな美しさを感じていたのでしょうか。確かに綺麗な花なので、ぴったりの花言葉でした。



What is the language of the foxtail razor?

The foxtail razor has razor characters in its name, so it seems that it has a scary flower language, so I checked it terribly!

What a flower word is “bewitching”! It was unexpectedly normal. I was relieved by the wonderful words. I think that bewitching is a word that expresses the beauty that confuses people’s hearts, so I wonder if people in the past felt such beauty with fox razors. It was a beautiful flower, so it was the perfect flower language.





上の写真は「オオキツネノカミソリ」の群生地の入口の看板です。道路沿に立っています。右から二番目に「クマ注意」の看板があってちょっとビックリ! 愛知県ですが、出るんでしょうか?







目測ですが、幅は10m位、斜面にそって30m位の高さで群生していたので とても広い範囲でした。



The above picture is the scenery of the colony of “Okitsuneno Razor”. It suddenly appears when walking on a mountain path. The one-sided orange scene was more beautiful and impressive than I imagined.


It was a visual observation, but the width was about 10m, and it was a wide range because it was growing in groups at a height of about 30m along the slope.

The camera I talked to on the spot was so beautiful and I was surprised when I came to see the pamphlet. I was pleased.





It was a very beautiful scene, like lily flowers like cluster amaryllis. The day I visited was in full bloom, and it was blooming well.





The right half of the photo above is a scattered foxtail razor. It has fallen cleanly from the stem. The ropes are stretched around the colony, and the flowers themselves are poisonous, so I think they are in their natural state, but they were beautiful as they were lined up.

The contrast between green and orange was very beautiful, and the light was just shining on me and I was soothed by the wonderful sight.




  • 所在地:〒441-2513 豊田市稲武町
  • お問い合わせ:0565-83-3200(いなぶ観光協会)
  • 料金:無料
  • 駐車場:登山口付近に数台停められるスペースあり
  • 片道:600m (登山口から軽登山で約20分)
  • 開催時期:8月中旬~下旬
  • アクセス:国道153号と257号の交差点(稲武町交差点)から1km地点で左折し、県道80号に入り、約4km進んだところに目印の看板があるので、そこに駐車して約600m歩きます。

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