龍巌淵 桜と富士山の風景


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潤井川 龍巌淵(りゅうがんぶち)





Scenic view of Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms

Ryuganbuchi is a row of cherry trees along the Juni River in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is a spot where you can enjoy Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms at the same time. The voluminous cherry blossoms and the powerful Mt. Fuji overlooking them. It is a great view with a great impact.




  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士市久沢  
  • 【撮影日】:2019年4月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/100秒 F8 ISO 100




<Oguni Shrine>

小國神社(おくにじんじゃ, おぐにじんじゃ, 小国神社)は、静岡県周智郡森町にある神社です。遠州の小京都とも称されるこの森町は四季折々の風景が美しく、特に紅葉の時期は、彩り鮮やかな木々たちが観光客の目を楽しませてくれます。


Oguni Shrine (Okujinjinja, Ogunijinja, Oguni Shrine) is a shrine located in Mori-cho, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture. This forest town, which is also called the small Kyoto of Enshu, has beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons, and especially during the autumn foliage, the colorful trees entertain the eyes of tourists.




The photo above shows the river running near the main shrine of Oguni Shrine. It is on the right of the approach. A lot of photographers visit during the fall foliage because the early morning light is famous. The day I shot the film wasn’t colored yet, but it was a beautiful scenery that was soothing. The width of the river is narrow as shown in the picture, so it seems difficult to take space in the popular season.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県周智郡森町一宮3956-1
  • 【撮影日】:2018年11月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/50秒 F6.3 ISO 1000





The picture above is Osugi, one of the sacred trees of Oguni Shrine. It is said that the tree is millennia old. In the early summer, sekku flowers bloom on the roof of the sacred tree. I’ve never seen a flower blooming before, so I always thought that there was moss on the roof. It was very mysterious and impressed.






The above picture is also the river on the east side of the main shrine of Oguni Shrine in early summer. In the summer, there are many parents and children playing in the water because there is a stream of flowing water, but no one was playing yet. The fresh green has been healed by the beautiful scenery.
  • 【撮影日】:2019年6月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【使用三脚】:SLIK PRO240 MK4
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/40秒 F5.0 ISO 100



<Mizume Cherry Blossoms>



Mizumezakura in Ushiyo is a cherry blossom that has recently become popular, and many people have come to visit it. It is a cherry tree that is popular with photographers because it is located on a small hill surrounded by tea fields and has a beautiful tree shape. It is lit up at the time of flowering, and at night it has a fantastic space that is designated as a city natural monument. The circumference of the trunk is 4.23m and the height is 20m. It is a cherry tree of a tree species called Ed hegan whose estimated age is 300 years or more.





The picture above was taken early in the morning. Just above the cherry tree, the light rays are shining.

It seemed like a cherry tree with spotlights on it, and it was a fantastic scenery.




  • 【撮影地】:静岡県島田市川根町家山牛代 
  • 【撮影日】:2019年4月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/20秒 F14 ISO 100

大井川鐡道(おおいがわてつどう) 家山駅

<Oigawa Railway>



Ieyama station is located in the Ieyama district of Kawanemachi, Shimada City, which is famous as one of the most famous cherry blossom spots in the prefecture. There are 168 cherry blossoms along the Oigawa Railway, and there are some highlights, but the view through the cherry blossom tunnel of Ieyama is spectacular.




The photo above is a photo of SL taken at Hiroshi, along the river at Ieyama Station. The “Sakura” plate train was spring-like and lovely. The steam locomotive that smoked and ran was cool. The cherry blossoms were also nice. There are various shooting points on Oigawa Takudo, so I would like to challenge next time.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県島田市 
  • 【撮影日】:2019年4月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS SEL55210
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/1250秒 F5.6 ISO 100



<Kotokuji Temple>



Kotokuji is a temple located in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is famous as a shooting spot where you can shoot Mt. Fuji and an old cherry tree with an estimated age of 250 years.




The picture above shows the scenery of cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji at Kokutokuji. It was beautiful that weeping cherry blossoms were fluttering in the wind. There is a parking lot under the cherry tree in the photo, but it seems that the car is not allowed to enter during the cherry blossom season. Several photographers were also photographed.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士宮市下柚野 
  • 【撮影日】:2019年4月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/320秒 F8 ISO 100



<Oishi Temple>



Oishi-ji Temple is a temple with about 5,000 Yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry blossoms. You can enjoy cherry blossoms while taking a leisurely walk in the wide and quiet grounds.




  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士宮市上条
  • 【撮影日】:2019年4月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/500秒 F9 ISO 100


<Shiraito Falls>


高さ20m・幅150mの湾曲した絶壁の全面にかかる白糸の滝は、そのほとんどが富士山の湧水。毎秒1.5トンの湧水が流れ出ているといわれています。 上の写真は紅葉のシーズン。鮮やかな紅葉と富士山が綺麗でした。撮影は展望台から、恥ずかしながらオート機能で撮影しています。滝まで下りていく場合、急な階段を上り下りする必要がありますが、展望台までなら、ほとんどアップダウンがない道を徒歩2分くらいです。


Most of the Shiraito Falls, which covers the entire surface of a 20m high and 150m wide cliff, is spring water from Mt. Fuji. It is said that 1.5 tons of spring water flows out every second. The photo above is the season of autumn colors. The bright autumn leaves and Mt. Fuji were beautiful. I’m ashamed to shoot from the observatory with the auto function. If you want to go down to the waterfall, you need to go up and down the steep stairs, but if you go up to the observatory, it is about a 2-minute walk on the road that has almost no ups and downs.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士宮市上井出
  • 【撮影日】:2018年10月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650





It seems that a lot of rainbows are seen in the morning, and two rainbows could be seen at the same time on this day. Since I rarely use it, I gave it up now, but at this time I was able to capture it because I did not capture the rainbow with the lens I usually use, but with a single focus lens. Single focus lenses are amazing.



<Jinba Falls>

陣馬の滝 カメラで撮影写真



This is also one of my favorite waterfalls. The distance from the parking lot to the waterfall is about a 5 minute walk on the paved road. Children seem to be playing in the water in the summer, but at other times, it is often relatively idle, so you can shoot slowly. The fall of the waterfall is about 5m, and you can get close to it.




The water depth is very shallow as shown in the photo, but it is convenient to have boots because the water temperature is cold. It is a semicircular shape surrounded by several small waterfalls.




I was healed by a wonderful waterfall full of negative ions.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士宮市猪之頭
  • 【撮影日】:2018年5月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【使用三脚】:Fotopro DIGI-204





When I visited in the early morning, I was able to see the rays of light. I think it was around 8 am-9pm. I was crazy about shooting waterfalls and didn’t notice it at first, but I was surprised by looking back. I was very impressed by the beautiful scenery. It’s unclear if it’s coming out every time.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県富士宮市猪之頭
  • 【撮影日】:2018年10月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【使用三脚】:Fotopro DIGI-204





The picture above is Jinma Falls taken in June. I was surprised at how deep the waterfall of the waterfall was about 1 m on that day. The waterfall here isn’t a tourist resort, so people who go home immediately after seeing the waterfall are basically vacant and I like it. I was healed by the scenery full of negative ions.
  • 【撮影日】:2019年6月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【使用三脚】:SLIK PRO240 MK4
  • 【カメラの設定】:1/2秒 F22 ISO 100



<Sengan Falls>


Sengan Waterfall is a waterfall located near the Takizawa Campsite in Shizuoka Prefecture. The head is 4m and the waterfall is 3m deep. On a hot day, you can feel the coolness of Hamamatsu City.




The above picture is the scenery of Sengan waterfall. It was a bigger and more beautiful waterfall than I imagined. Since the water was deep, the color of the water looked blue and it was a mysterious sight.



駐車場から滝までは徒歩3~5分くらいで、滝までの歩道の奥は小さな展望台のようになっていました。撮影に行った時は、誰も人がいなかったので、秘境感が凄くて ちょっと怖かったです。


※ 個人的な意見ですが、現地までの道のりも よくあるアスファルトの山道だったので、特別運転が難しい箇所はありませんでした。


時間帯は、お昼の12時頃に撮影しました。爽やかな雰囲気の中、差し込む日射しが水面にキラキラ反射して とても綺麗でした。自然いっぱいの素敵な風景に癒されました。


The time was taken around 12:00 noon. In the refreshing atmosphere, the sunlight shining in was sparkling on the surface of the water and was very beautiful. I was healed by the wonderful scenery full of nature.
  • 【撮影地】:静岡県浜松市北区滝沢町626
  • 【撮影日】:2019年9月
  • 【使用カメラ】:SONY a5100 (ミラーレス一眼レフ)
  • 【使用レンズ】:E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS SELP1650
  • 【使用三脚】:SLIK PRO240 MK4
  • 【カメラの設定】:1秒 F22 ISO 100 (NDフィルターなし)


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